I Want Sole Custody!!!


We can’t agree on anything . . .where Peebles should attend public school or private school; whether she should go to my church or his church; or, whether she should play Tee Ball or soccer. I want sole custody so I don’t have to listen to anything Fred has to say! I can make all the decisions!!! Can I get that?

The Short Answer is “NOT LIKELY

          New Jersey favors joint legal custody since it is likely to foster the best interests of the child. Under a joint custody arrangement both parents have legal custody. This means that the legal authority and responsibility for making ‘major’ decisions regarding the child’s welfare is shared at all times by both parents. It presumes that both parents want what is best for the child and will cooperate with the other parent to do what is in the child’s best interest.

While there are some shared custody arrangements, it is far more likely that only only one parent has residential custody of the child. That parent is the custodial parent or the parent of primary residence; and the other parent is the non-custodial parent or the parent of alternate residence. Unless there are very unusual circumstances, the non-custodial parent will have parenting time varying from every other weekend with two overnights and shared holidays to once a week with no overnight visits. The most typical parenting arrangement allows each parent weekends and requires the parents to share the holidays and the child’s time away from school.

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  1. Will Parker says

    Good afternoon. I am seeking representation for a custody/ temp custody hearing later this month. The plaintiff filed for sole custody/ support and would like to dispute to seek joint custody, as I am active in his life daily (school, trips, coaching, parenting, cooking, etc.). Second part: we are separated and I will be filing for divorce soon. Is it advisable to proceed with pursuing divorce before custody hearing, or would it be wise to wait until afterwards?

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