6 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Help you with a Divorce

6 Reasons to Hire A Lawyer

To Help You with a Divorce

You have been served with Divorce papers, your head is spinning, and you are saying to yourself,  “I am reasonably intelligent.  “Do I really need a lawyer?

There is no legal requirement that you hire a lawyer to get divorced. You can get a divorce even if neither of the parties hires a lawyer.  A divorce is a complicated matter with lots of moving parts. Here are five good reasons to hire a lawyer to help you with your divorce.

1.  An attorney can explain the divorce process, and help you gather all of the information you will need to made decisions.

2.  Regardless of how long you have been married, you have acquired “things,” . . . a house, a car, debts.   A lawyer can help you figure out the best way to  divide and transfer assets.

3.   A divorce usually does not end on the day the final judgment is entered.  A divorce attorney will follow-up to make sure that you actually receive what you bargain for.

4.  You have children who will still want to love your spouse after the divorce, a divorce lawyer can help you create a plan to encourage and support the children’s bond with the other spouse and at the same time keep them safe.

5.  You will need to support your children even after the divorce, a divorce lawyer can help you figure out the correct amount of child support.

6.   For the most part, the final judgement is really final. If you do-it-yourself, and you miss something, you will likely not be able to return to court to get it later.

Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq. has practiced divorce law in the Montclair area for twenty-five years. She is fully knowledgeable about the law in this area and the benefit to you is that she can help you get all you are entitled to have. She compassionate and caring and understands the emotions you are experiencing during this period. The benefit to you is that she will coach you through this process and relieve you of the burden of directing your law suit.

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    I can see why I should hire a lawyer for my divorce. The assets we have are definitely a contention point, so dividing those up is important. I want the Corvette, but I guess I’ll leave it up to a lawyer’s opinion.

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    My brother and his wife have been having trust issues for the past two months and it is causing so much drama in our family. It was great to learn that an attorney can explain the divorce process, and help you gather all of the information you will need to made decisions. I am no expert but I would imagine that this would be a great tip for them!

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    I can definitely appreciate your advice about a divorce not ending on the day of the ruling. It would make sense to me to employ an attorney who can follow up with you and knows what legal action to take if any part of the agreement is not met. I would imagine that even for a very clean and simple divorce an attorney would still be a useful adviser to have.

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    Divorces can be very complex litigatory matters. Sure you could do it yourself, but it’s a horrible idea; so much could be left on the table and you leave yourself open for legal decimation. It’s always best to hire an attorney for a divorce.

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    I really like how you mention that an attorney can explain the divorce process and will help you gather all of the information you will need to make decisions. I’m thinking about getting a divorce from my husband, but I was worried the process would be too complicated. That’s why I think hiring a divorce lawyer who can simplify the process is the best decision. Thanks for sharing.

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    Honestly, with so much at stake, I would encourage every single person getting a divorce to hire a lawyer. Even for a smart and technical person who can do a lot of reading, you just cannot replace experience by reading a few books or articles, no matter how well you think you understand them.
    Not only is it important to find a lawyer, but to find one who understands your goals and you get along well with. You need an expert with you on this journey, someone who is on the same page and is going to fight with you, not just someone who is reporting the legalities of the matter to you.

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    I am wondering if paying for a divorce lawyer is really necessary. I had not thought about the fact that we have shared items like the car and house. The fact that a lawyer can help determine things like how to divide assets and how much to pay for child support. Like you said, if I were to do it myself and miss something it will be final and I don’t want to be stuck with less than I deserve.

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    I love that a divorce lawyer could help you when it comes to your children. If you are going to want to be able to visit your kids, as well as support them, then you will need the help of an attorney! You should make sure you hire a good and reliable lawyer in order to make sure he/she can really help you out in that area.

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    It seems like hiring a lawyer for a divorce is a good idea. It wouldn’t be good to do it alone, because then you run the risk of getting ganged up on. Divorce isn’t the kind of thing you want to head into without the proper planning!

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    I really like the first tip you mentioned, and I agree. Maybe you are an intelligent person, but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t make costly mistakes in your divorce case. Divorce lawyers have been specializing in this topic for years, so they should be able to help you with all of the details. My sister and her husband are getting a divorce, and she thinks it a smart idea to hire a lawyer, so she has started searching for one.

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