Alpha Mediation

Alpha 7-Step Divorce Mediation Program

Whether you are leaving the marriage or the person being left, the end of a marriage provokes high emotion, feelings of fear, failure and disappointment, and diminished self-esteem. Children are often caught in a web of emotions that they do not understand. The 7- Step Divorce Mediation Program, the Alpha Mediation Process, is uniquely set up to help families overcome these problems and navigate this transition.

My team of professionals provide the guidance couples need to make good decisions. I work with parenting-mediators, tax-mediators and financial counselors who are caring, experienced professionals who assist in every aspect of the divorce process, so that parents can make sensible decisions that work for them and for their children and helps them to establish the best quality of life after the divorce.

As the attorney-mediator, I am a neutral, who will not “take sides.” The parenting-mediators help the couple create a healthy, co-parenting agreement that minimizes the impact of divorce on the children. The tax-mediators review the tax implications of their settlement agreement and advise them on options. A financial counselor meets with each person to review their post-divorce financial situation and offer planning assistance to ensure a secure future.

The advantage of using the Alpha 7-Step Divorce Mediation Program is that you:

  1. Maintain maximum control over the outcome and the process
  2. Protect the children by developing a healthy co-parenting agreement that minimizes the impact divorce has on their lives
  3. Saves time. You can resolve matters within two or three months
  4. Saves money. The program operates on a flat fee saving you the “small fortune” you could spend in litigation
  5. Secure your financial future. You will gain peace of mind from knowing how to make the most of your money after the divorce.

If the idea of dissolving your marriage with respect and dignity while making the future well-being of your family the highest priority, schedule an appointment by sending me an e-mail at