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Cassandra Savoy, Trusted New Jersey Family Law Attorney

Family law can encompass some very trying and emotional issues, including child custody, divorce, child support, paternity proceedings, adoption, parental rights, visitation schedules, and more. When navigating such personally challenging and potentially devastating events in Bloomfield, New Jersey, it is absolutely necessary to have a trustworthy family law attorney at your side.

When you are fighting in court for your parental rights or your hard earned assets in a family law case, you need to bring the best representation money can buy with you. If you find yourself involved in any of the following legal matters, you urgently need to speak to our family law lawyer in Bloomfield today:

  • Alimony
  • Divorce
  • Guardianship
  • Child abuse
  • Annulment
  • Separation
  • Domestic protective orders
  • Domestic abuse

Divorce in New Jersey

When it comes to divorce, which is possibly the most common family law matter, many people are not at all aware of the fact that New Jersey is not a community property state. Instead, New Jersey adheres to an equitable distribution statute when it comes to dividing up marital property in a divorce. According to equitable division, as long as the division of the marital property is considered to be fair by a judge, the property does not have to actually be split down the middle. Any private property that was owned by one spouse or the other prior to the marriage will remain with that party after the divorce and will not be considered to be marital property, unless the assets were comingled. A New Jersey divorce lawyer can help you to determine whether comingling has occurred.

Alternatives to Traditional
Contested Divorce Proceedings

Equitable distribution standards can make divorcing in New Jersey a bit more complicated than it would be in a community property state and it definitely demands the expertise of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney. Divorce can be a very expensive ordeal to go through for both parties. In New Jersey, there are lower cost options for divorcing spouses to explore, like mediation or a collaborative divorce. Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law, is an experienced mediation and collaborative divorce lawyer in Broomfield, NJ who can help you find a way to make your divorce more affordable.

Family law often concerns some of the most stressful events that will ever happen to a person throughout their entire life. These are most likely very emotional times that can prove to be extremely difficult to get through and can often inspire less than optimal behavior from otherwise reasonable adults or parents. It is important, for so many reasons, to have a family law lawyer on your team in your Bloomfield, New Jersey family law case. A family law matter should absolutely never be handled without the advice of a legal professional.

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A Zealous New Jersey Family Lawyer

Divorce, Alimony, Custody and Guardianship

Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law, is experienced in handling delicate issues like Divorce, Alimony, Custody and Guardianship with skillful and compassionate care. These kinds of family issues can be extremely delicate and personal to each person involved. Most people are not exactly comfortable sharing the very private details of their marriage, parenting, and financial lives with a person they’ve only just met. It is absolutely necessary to find and hire a divorce, alimony or guardianship law attorney you can trust to handle your delicate New Jersey custody or guardian case discreetly and respectfully. You do not want to end up paying the price of working with an attorney that you don’t feel comfortable opening up to. In order to represent you to the best of their abilities, your lawyer needs to know everything that might be of any significance to your family law case. If you don’t feel secure in confiding in your attorney about the details of the life behind your family law case, you need to strongly consider hiring a different family law lawyer before it’s too late.

An educated and experienced family law attorney in Bloomfield, NJ can manage to put you at ease about the difficult issues you face and still protect your legal rights at the same time, when it comes to issues of family law in New Jersey. Family law cases are just too precious in nature and too critical to be left in the hands of any randomly selected attorney. Lawyers are not one size fits all, especially in cases as personal as a family law case. If you are currently in the position of facing the harsh reality of a separation, a divorce or issues regarding alimony, custody or Guardianship, call Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law today and speak to our New Jersey family law attorney about your family law case. You will not regret investing in an attorney who will fight to make sure that you are treated fairly in family law court.

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