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Cassandra T. Savoy Attorney at Law

“Ms. Savoy was helpful in correcting a number of misconceptions I had about the divorce process. In spite of Covid-19 she pushed to get my case on the court calendar as quickly as possible. I like the way she kept me updated, if she had nothing new to report I didn’t hear from her which was the way she helped you keep costs down. I plan to use her services when necessary as well as recommend her to family and friends in the area. Ms. Savoy is very mattered of fact and very direct which I liked. If you are looking for an attorney to babysit you, then she is not for you, however, if you are looking for a great, efficient, and cost managing attorney then she is perfect. I understand that some lawyers are viewed as rough, but a good lawyer’s focus is to get you the best outcome for your legal matter, and being tough is a required skill that she has master well. I am a very happy client and I will definitely use her services when needed.”Rose C.

“Ms. Savoy did a wonderful job, she was very knowledgeable and directed me step by step. I was very pleased with her services, and I will refer her to everyone I know who want some that will fight for them, I want to say thank u so much, to Ms. Savoy and her staff for an A+ JOB”Carol

“Ms. Savoy, Esq. was wonderful. Very professional and kept me well informed each step of the way. Her price was reasonable for the quality she offers. Thank you for starting my new year off right!”A Satisfied Client

“When it comes to Divorce, Mrs. Savoy knows her stuff. She did not sell me a dream and tell me what I wanted to hear. She was direct and honest which is what I appreciated most. The knowledge and experience she had was very valuable to my case. I would recommend Mrs. Savoy for any Divorce hands down.”A Satisfied Client

“I interviewed at least 10-12 attorneys for my divorce. Due to the complexity of my situation I wanted to make sure that I hired the right attorney especially having worked in Family Court for many years and seeing how important it was to have good legal representation. Ms. Savoy blew me away with her knowledge, straight forward manner and most of all her ability to make you feel like she got your back. This for me was paramount. Ms. Savoy is a straight shooter who hates to lose and is honest about what she feels the true merits and possibilities of your case are. She doesn’t fill your head or waste your time with fluff regarding your case like some attorneys just to keep the fees coming in. Oh, and don’t think she’s a push over either like my ex-wife’s attorney thought. She is very sweet and down to earth but an aggressive attorney in defense of her clients. Like I said, I have work in Family Court for almost 20 years and Ms. Savoy is simply one of the best.”A Satisfied Client

“Attorney Cassandra Savoy has helped me with several legal matters and I admired here diligence and thoroughness. I have recommended others to her.”A Satisfied Client

“Ms. Savoy has be very attentive to my needs and extremely knowledgeable about divorce proceedings. Ms. Savoy has assisted me previously with a custody hearing a few years ago. I trust her direction and judgement. I would recommend her services to anyone in need of divorce assistant/services. I thank her for her honesty and dedication to her field and I am very grateful for her assistance during this difficult time and decision in my life.”Wendy

“This Attorney worked for me in my situation. I had no understanding of how to dial with my problem but C.Savoy, Esq. spoked with me in clear terms and explained how she could assist me and what it would take to get the job done. I felt save trusting my personal affairs with her and believing that she would not stop until the manner was cleared up. C. Savoy,Esq. is knowledgeable in her field an very trustworthy in her conduct and never made me feel it was a bother to keep me informed.”LeNora

“Ms. Savoy provided me prompt and excellent service. She was very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I could depend on her expertise regarding my case. Not only did she keep me informed, but took great measures to ensure I understood everything. I would highly recommend her services to someone in need of a reliable attorney.”Raquel

“I’m so very grateful to have had Cassandra T. Savoy, PC to represent me in my divorce proceedings. She is absolutely wonderful in not only her craft as a Lawyer but she is also extremely attentive in all aspects of your case and making you feel comfortable, for times like this can be very overwhelming and sensitive. In other words Miss Savoy , respectfully takes the wheel!! And allows you to not worry but trust in her doing everything to see you through your proceedings. I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus for leading me to Cassandra T. Savoy. She was the first one HE☝? Lead me to. And I’m so very thankful . And Thank you Ms. Savoy for being not only an Awesome Lawyer but an Confidant through it all. Blessings!”A Satisfied Client

“While working with Ms. Cassandra Savoy, Esq., I found her to be very professional as well as knowledgeable. I have used Ms. Savoy’s legal services more than once. Cassandra Savoy, Esq. is a great attorney that truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend Ms. Savoy as an attorney.”Nadirah N.

“Ms. Savoy represented me with the highest ethical standard – she truly is an asset to the legal profession and I highly recommend Ms. Savoy to anyone who is in need of a divorce attorney!”Ted M.

“Best lawyer ever, she represents very well and always,always have her clients interests at hand.”Orville D.

“My experience with Cassandra was very good. I really felt that she genuinely had my best interests at heart. She was very responsive via phone and e-mail and answered my questions in a way that I could understand. She helped me to think through things that I would not have considered on my own as well. Almost a year after my divorce the thoroughness of my custody and parenting time agreement that she created has come in handy and been instrumental in creating a smooth transition for my son. I am grateful for that. I would highly recommend her and use her again if I ever needed anything.”Barbara D.

“Ms. Savoy was extremely honest and positive throughout the entire experience. She and her staff kept me informed at all stages of my case. Ms. Savoy is very thorough and a professional who helped me immensely. I would definitely recommend her and call on her in the future.”Maya Q.

“This women spent sincere time on the phone at the very last minute to assist me in a challenging situation. She is dedicated to her clients, honest, hardworking and knows the law. Your case is your lively hood. Choose the right attorney! Thanks for everything Cassandra.”Hunter S.

“Smartest I have Ever Encountered.”Bumperbase T.

“My divorce was terrible but it was made even worse when my ex didn’t want to pay his child support. I hated having to go to court but my attorney from Cassandra Savoy really helped me feel comfortable. After everything I was finally able to get all of the child support owed to me. I couldn’t have done it without my attorney.”Jonathan T.

“She’s the best you can have!”Afua S.