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Family law is one of the most sensitive areas of legal practice, and for good reason. It deals with the subject that is closest to the heart, most personal, and most important to many people: namely, the health and wellbeing of their family. The goal of family law is always to do the best thing for families, and to keep everyone involved as happy, healthy, and supported as possible.

As anyone experienced in family law will tell you, it isn’t always that simple. This is especially true when it comes to divorce. No matter how hard both sides may care about each other and work to stay together, sometimes marriages simply have to come to an end. The way this plays out depends on the people involved. Every marriage is unique, and so is every divorce.

In the best scenarios, divorce, though bittersweet, can be relatively painless, and both parties are able to negotiate a fair, equitable, and just arrangement in the best interests of everyone involved. However, in less agreeable circumstances, things can become highly emotionally charged, extremely stressful, and sometimes brutally contentious rather quickly, especially if one party wants a divorce and the other does not.

Going through this sort of divorce, and any major life change as dictated by family law, can be absolutely harrowing. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and frightened when it seems like nobody understands what you’re going through. What’s more, the legal terminologies and procedures involved in a divorce (or any family law matter) can be near-incomprehensible to the average person. It’s incredibly easy to get stuck in the weeds on one or another technicality and have it affect your life in a serious, potentially irreversible way.

With all of these barriers to equitable, harmonious divorce (and other family law matters) in place, it’s easy to feel hopeless, alone, and like there’s nobody who can help.

Thankfully, that is not the case. If you are in the West Orange, NJ area, Cassandra T. Savoy is on your side.

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Who Is Attorney Cassandra T. Savoy?

Divorce Attorney In West Orange NJ

Attorney Cassandra T. Savoy is a practicing family lawyer who has been working in the field since 1991. For thirty years, Attorney Savoy has fought tirelessly for her clients, and has helped get the best possible results in innumerable divorce and family law matters. She has represented clients in the Newark and West Orange areas as well as Essex, Union, Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic Counties, and throughout all of these cases, her outstanding track record speaks for itself: Attorney Savoy gets results.

This is due to a number of factors, including her approach to legal practice. Attorney Savoy makes a point to establish a connection and real trust with each of her clients.

She understands that people dealing with family law issues are going through a stage in their lives that is often frightening, confusing, and volatile. As such, she does everything in her power to offer her clients stability, clarity, care, and focus. This helps assure clients that she is truly on their side, which helps them trust her enough to be completely honest. Clients feeling like they can be honest leads them to share their most personal information with their counsel, so she can more effectively build their case. This trust also establishes a bond, which can be palpable and incredibly powerful both in and out of the court room.

Attorney Savoy is also deeply committed to maintaining high ethical standards, which keeps the entire negotiation process—whether in mediation or in court—above-board, respectable, and ultimately unimpeachable. She is diligent, meticulous, and tenacious, and will make sure every base is covered at every possible juncture before proceeding. In legal cases like these, preparation is key, and Attorney Savoy always does her due diligence.

Attorney Savoy also focuses on alternatives to trial for her clients whenever possible. When it comes to family law matters, court trials can be incredibly expensive, painful, and drawn out. They can completely destroy a person’s finances, and can derail their entire lives for months or even years. This is to say nothing of the impact a trial can have on any children involved, as well as on both adult parties. Though Attorney Savoy has no trepidation about facing legal opponents in court, she tries to avoid this toll on her clients whenever it is in their best interest to do so.

Because of the damage than trial can cause, Attorney Savoy has become an expert in finding pre-trial negotiation solutions for her clients. She is an expert in family law mediation, collaborative divorce, and other negotiation frameworks, and utilizes them every day to settle cases without her clients ever having to see a courtroom. To this end, she is adept at helping clients see things from different angles and perspectives, as well as helping them to understand nuance and the value of having a sustainable, livable plan agreed to by all sides. These tools, along with many others she has honed throughout the years, aid her ultimate goal of getting parties to find lasting, amicable solutions they can all live with.

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What Can Attorney Cassandra T. Savoy Do For You?

Family Law

At the Law Offices of Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney Savoy and her dedicated legal staff offer a full range of family law services. These include:

  • Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Alimony
  • Custody and Child Support
  • Guardianship and Adoption

Are you getting a divorce and need a thorough, passionate, and knowledgeable divorce attorney to guide you through the process?

Do you have a different family law issue and need representation? Are you in West Orange, NJ or the surrounding area? Attorney Cassandra T. Savoy can help. Don’t wait to start the rest of your life. Call (973) 869-5444 for a free consultation today.

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