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Cassandra Savoy – The Trusted Family Law Attorney for South Orange, NJ

Navigating personally challenging and life-altering situations like divorce, child custody, paternity proceedings, support obligations, adoption, and parental rights requires the assistance of a skilled and trustworthy family law attorney.

Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law, is experienced in guiding clients through those family matters that often represent the most stressful, difficult, and emotional events in their lifetime. Through her compassionate and dedicated care, she aims to put her clients at ease about their issues, while at the same time fighting aggressively to protect their legal rights.

If you’re facing a family law matter here in South Orange, NJ, family lawyer Cassandra Savoy is ready to speak to you about your case and answer any questions you may have. When it comes to something as important as your financial security, your time with your child, or your right to make certain decisions, it’s important to invest in an attorney who will tirelessly promote your best interests.

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Divorce and Mediation


New Jersey’s equitable distribution standards can make divorces in this state a bit more complicated than in community property states. For that and many other reasons, the knowledge and experience of a South Orange divorce lawyer on your side will be invaluable to helping you make sense of the process and what you can expect to receive in the final divorce order. Cassandra Savoy has over 30 years of experience handling divorce cases in New Jersey, including those that require tricky litigation.

In recent years, many separating parties have been moving toward the less expensive alternatives to traditional contested divorce proceedings. These lower cost options include mediation and collaborative divorces.

South Orange mediation lawyer Cassandra Savoy offers her services as a neutral party who helps couples reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. Using a team of caring, experienced professionals including parenting mediators, accountants, and financial counselors, she guides couples toward making sensible decisions for themselves and their children that will establish the best post-divorce quality of life for all those concerned.

Similarly, as a collaborative law divorce attorney, she gives couples the option of facilitating their own divorce in a non-confrontational way that focuses on the future wellbeing of their family. Collaboration allows the parties to end their union with respect and dignity.

In addition to being more affordable options than contested divorces that take months to make their way before a judge, mediation and the collaborative process reduce many of the negative emotions associated with the legal side of separation.

If you’re thinking of filing or if you’ve been served with a complaint for divorce, Cassandra Savoy can ease you through the process and help you feel confident about the decisions you’re making for your future.


It’s common for one party to struggle during or after a divorce case while they adjust to financial independence. Alimony, or spousal support, often becomes a contested issue between exes, especially when there are large income disparities involved. Alimony attorney Cassandra Savoy is an expert in alimony law in New Jersey and will fight for a more equitable or reasonable support order in your case.


A guardianship is the legal authority to care for a person and, in some cases, their property. Limited guardianships offer levels of independence for those who need support when it comes to managing one or several aspects of their lives, such as budgeting or making health care decisions.

Guardianship attorney Cassandra Savoy has been helping the families of New Jersey make informed and compassionate decisions regarding guardianship of their loved ones for three decades. Whether you’re caring for an elderly family member showing signs of cognitive or physical decline or a disabled adult, she can explain your options and help you through the process of obtaining legal guardianship.

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Your Family Law Issues Handled With Skill and Compassion


Whether you need a lawyer who can offer you a less contentious way to proceed with your divorce or just someone to help draft a prenuptial agreement, Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law, will handle your case with skill, dedication, and 30 years of hard-won experience in and out of the courtroom.

Cassandra Savoy has successfully dealt with a wide variety of family law matters such as alimony, divorce (including mediation and collaborative work), guardianship, child abuse, annulment, separation, domestic protective orders, and domestic abuse here in South Orange, New Jersey. She understands that the issues confronting a family unit are often sensitive in nature and that hiring an attorney to help your case means sharing very private details about your marriage, your parenting skills, and your financial situation with a person you’ve just met. That’s why she strives to handle every case with discretion and respect to build a system of mutual trust with each client.

If you have questions regarding a family law matter, reach out to Cassandra Savoy today. She can explore your available options, give you a better sense of what to expect from a family court here in South Orange, and allay your biggest concerns—no matter the legal issue you’re facing.

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