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The search for an Affordable Family Lawyer in Newark, NJ, can often seem like a slog through countless firms and uncaring faces. Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law, understands that a family law attorney can make the difference in what may be an already challenging situation. Through the experience gained over three decades, making your divorce, mediation, or guardianship case as painless as possible is now within reach. It is understood that while facing legal challenges, especially those concerning your family, the last thing you should be concerned about is the efficacy of your legal counsel.

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Divorce Law

Family Lawyer Newark NJ

As a Newark Divorce Lawyer with 30 years of experience practicing before judges throughout New Jersey, you can rest assured knowing that the knowledge and expertise are on your side. Whether it be advanced negotiation and mediation techniques or effective strategies to get judges to see our perspective, the entire repertoire will be available to you.

A separation from a spouse can be one of the most emotionally and monetarily demanding ordeals that one can go through, especially if children are involved. Litigation only threatens to multiply the challenge by adding hostility, time requirements, and an even more costly process. Clients are almost always recommended to attempt mediation before jumping to litigation if they do not already require it.


Mediation is often a misunderstood and undervalued practice in the midst of divorce proceedings. Increased hostility built over a long period may blind some individuals to the possibilities of hiring an independent Newark Mediation Lawyer. Even if only a few issues can be agreed upon between the opposing parties, this will save those issues from litigation, ultimately saving everyone involved time and money.

This can be especially beneficial if a child is involved in a divorce. The more the parents can collaborate and communicate effectively, the less confusion and hostility will be necessary later down the road. A mediator is a trained professional in their craft, and after honing this skill for 30 years, Cassandra T. Savoy is an expert in her field. This also comes into play in the theater of collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Law

Collaborative divorce in Newark, NJ, is defined as a divorce between two parties who have previously agreed on the terms of their divorce. For a divorce to qualify, the parties must agree upon the division of assets, property, and any plans for possible children involved. If all of these ring true for your situation, a divorce can be much simpler and less resource-consuming than a typical litigated divorce. Even if some minor issues must be resolved through mediation, Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law, has a record of success as a mediator in collaborative divorces. Call today for a consultation to discuss the details of your circumstances and to see if you qualify for a collaborative divorce.

Child Custody Law

When considering divorce for whatever reason, children top the list of priorities regarding court decisions. If the parties cannot agree on a situation in the child’s best interest, the decision will be made after litigation in court. This process can become increasingly complex as the process drags on and as further evidence and testimony becomes necessary. Professionals may be called to testify, and thorough inspections of many aspects of your life will be ordered. If you do not know where to begin, or if you are concerned about any aspect of the process, it is time to get a Guardianship Law Firm on your side.

In Newark, NJ, the most critical factor to the court when it comes to child custody is whatever may be in the child’s best interest. That means the most favorable situation that can be made for the child is what will be ruled by the judge. To decide this, both parties’ finances, relationship with the child, ability to collaborate effectively, and several other components will be scrutinized and examined. This process can become even more complex if allegations of abuse become involved.

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How Can A Newark Family Lawyer Help?

Family Law

Securing counsel as early as possible in any matter of family law is one of the most beneficial steps you can take. By retaining an attorney early, you can avoid making mistakes and have the guidance necessary to navigate the path ahead successfully. There is a common misconception that lawyers are expensive and only care about your case as long as they earn money. This sentiment could not be farther from the case for Cassandra T. Savoy.

An Affordable Family Lawyer in Newark, NJ, will actually end up saving you money and time. By ensuring you are appropriately represented in court, you can assure you will not be taken advantage of and will get out of the case what you deserve. Not only this, but having counsel by your side will be a good image for the presiding judge, and they are more likely to look favorably at your side. To schedule a consultation to discuss your unique circumstances and options to move forward, call Cassandra T. Savoy, Attorney at Law, as soon as possible to seek the representation of the Best Newark Child Custody and Family Law Attorney available.

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