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Divorce is, understandably, a difficult decision to make. Some couples can respectfully part ways and others are far beyond a place of respect once they decide to end the marriage. Whether you are on one end of this spectrum or the other, Cassandra T. Savoy Attorney at Law provides services to help you through these difficult family times.

I’ve practiced family law for over 30 years. I know that each family faces their distinctive stressors during and after a divorce. My experience as a family law mediator and parent coordinator attorney has given me the skills to recognize the unique situations each family faces while giving me the necessary tools to support these families with individualized attention.

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Family Mediation

What is Family Law Mediation?

Family law mediation, or divorce mediation, is a process where spouses work to civilly end their marriage. Instead of costly divorce litigation, couples come up with amicable terms for their divorce with the assistance of a mediator. Drawing up and agreeing to these terms can be a lot for a couple to take on, even if they are determined to remain respectful during the process. A family mediator’s role is to

  • help identify the areas that need to be addressed,
  • facilitate communication between the parties, and
  • guide couples toward a peaceful divorce agreement.

Family Law Mediation is for couples whose mutual respect remains intact and who want to amicably end their marriage. If there are children involved, mediation can help parents come to agreeable terms regarding co-parenting and visitation schedules. It is for spouses who wish to reach a dignified end to their marriage.

Mediation Lawyer in Bloomfield

The Progressive Divorce Mediation program at Cassandra T. Savoy Attorney at Law is a service offered to support a peaceful collaboration between you and your spouse to end your marriage on congenial terms. As the family law mediator, I help identify areas that need to be addressed by the terms of a divorce and facilitate communication to reach solutions in these areas. The program coordinates meetings between you and a financial counselor, as well as an accountant, to gain insight into how your decisions will affect your individual financial futures.

The Progressive Divorce Mediation Program can save you time and money, compared to traditional divorce litigation. It also allows you to retain control over the process. If you require an experienced family law mediator in the Bloomfield, New Jersey area call (973) 869-5444 for a complimentary case evaluation.

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Parent Coordinator

What is a Parent Coordinator?

A parent coordinator’s role is to assist divorced families in settling disputes when they are unable to do so on their own. A parent coordinator may be sought out by the family or ordered by the court. These families typically have difficulty agreeing on parenting decisions or struggle with other custody issues. Instead of a costly litigation process, a family can work with an experienced parent coordinator who will remain neutral, while guiding the parents to compromise.

If the parents cannot be steered toward reasonable dispute resolution, the parenting coordinator will make a written recommendation for solving the problem. If a solution still cannot be reached, then the issue may go to court. The coordinator’s recommendation will be provided to the court to weigh in the case, and they may be called upon to share their observations or answer questions regarding the recommendation.

The Role of a Parent Coordinator

Every family has different needs and therefore the role of a parent coordinator will adjust to meet those unique needs. Some common pain points coordinators may assist with include

  • visitation schedules,
  • discipline and behavior management,
  • commitments for children’s extracurricular activities,
  • childcare arrangements,
  • children’s health care,
  • flexibility with schedule changes,
  • holiday and vacation planning, and
  • general parenting communication.

A coordinator may also provide suggestions or referrals for outside services, such as counseling, anger management, parenting courses, or alcohol/drug monitoring.

The parent coordinator role was developed as a solution to increased family litigation cases. Coordinators have training in mediation and have a familiarity with child development. In place of disputes being brought before a judge in family court, the coordinator is utilized to help the families reach compromises on their own. By involving a parent coordinator in these cases, it also reduces the amount of conflict the child is exposed to as a result of the oppositional parent relationship.

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Parent Coordinator Lawyer in Bloomfield

In 30 years of family law, I have seen my share of couples who are unable to amicably end their marriage. Divorce will hopefully end the friction between the parties, but all too often the conflict continues to exist. Split families that must still collaborate on parenting duties can struggle to find a path to respectfully co-parent after divorce. These families can benefit from having a neutral parent coordinator to support them in difficult times.

If you need an impartial third party to settle your family disputes, contact Cassandra T. Savoy Attorney at Law. My years of experience practicing family law and serving as a mediator has given me the tools to be an effective coordinator for families struggling after divorce. Contact me today for a complimentary evaluation at the conveniently located Bloomfield office.

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