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Your children know when their parents are not getting along. They sense the tension in their parent’s relationship. They are battling a wave of emotions including anger, fear of the present and fear of the future. So, it is important that you talk to them about a pending divorce despite the discomfort and pain that you are feeling. Talking to them won’t get easier later, so sooner is better than later. You need to give them information, reassure them so they don’t worry.

Let your children know:
  1. They didn’t cause the divorce.
  2. Mom and Dad still love and want them forever.
  3. You’ll still be a family even though Mom and Dad won’t be married any longer.
  4. Mom and Dad will continue to take care of them.
  5. Be truthful as you answer their questions
What children don’t need to know:
  1. Children don’t need to hear about family money issues
  2. Avoid saying anything that will disparage the other parent
  3. They don’t need to know about extramarital affairs
  4. don’t say anything that might negatively affect your parent-child relationship, unless the other parent is a genuine threat.
  5. Children don’t need a play by play of court events.

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