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Following is a list of destructive remarks that children don’t ever need to hear. If you find yourself saying words like these, stop and think about how they might affect your children. All of these remarks raise fear and anxiety and are hurtful to your children.

  1. If you don’t behave, I’ll send you to live with your father.
  2. You’re lazy/stubborn/bad-tempered, just like your mother.
  3. I could get along better here by myself.
  4. If you weren’t here, I could.
  5. Sometimes, I wish I’d been one to skip out.
  6. Your father put you up to saying that.
  7. Your mom doesn’t love any of us or she wouldn’t have left us.
  8. You can’t trust him.
  9. She was just no good.
  10. If he loved you, he would pay child support on time.
  11. If your mother is five minutes late again, you’re just not going with her.
  12. If you don’t like what I buy you, ask your father to do
  13. What is your mother saying about me?
  14. Now that you’re the little man/little woman of the house.
  15. Someday you’ll leave me too, just like your father. Promise me that you’ll never leave.
  16. You’re all I have. You’re the only person I can rely on.
  17. Over my dead body!

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